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Strengths and Principles 

This structural design results in the following strengths of the organization

  • A young, enthusiastic management group committed to the Organization's objectives.

  • Clear Vision of the Business.

  • Secure transmission of the Organization's Objectives at all levels of the Company.

  • Continuous improvement of processes.

  • Application of a Comprehensive Quality, Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Management System.

  • Establishment of Joint Strategies between Clients and Suppliers.

The principles on which Latinoamericana de Energía governs its actions are

  • Compliance with the Legislation and Regulations in force in each territory.

  • Planned management of resources and processes for continuous improvement and value creation.

  • Joint strategies with Clients and Suppliers to improve processes for mutual benefit.

  • Continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System through a documented Program led by the Management.

  • Performance measurement through specific Indicators.

  • Reduction of work risks and improvement of work environments.

  • Pollution prevention through responsible waste management.

  • Evaluation of environmental impacts and risks for Health and Safety before starting a contract.

  • Permanent development of human resources at all functions and levels, promoting attitudes of active participation and teamwork.

  • Constant promotion of the principle of Sustainable Development in local communities.

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