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Mission, vision and values

Siluetas de Trabajo


  • Create growing value for customers, employees, shareholders and suppliers through the provision of works and services for the energy activity, respecting the environment, safety and health of people

Organizando información


  • Provide comprehensive solutions applying international standards of technology, quality and safety for the development of the energy sector in Latin America and lead the market with the provision of efficient operations and maintenance of fields, and the construction of works.


  • Our Group values the following attitudes, which allowed its continuous growth and the creation of sustained value:

    • Honesty: Inside and outside the organization, both among our employees and for customers, suppliers and the entire community.

    • Persistence: Do not give up in the face of adversity.

    • Commitment: With the company, with society and with the environment.

    • Sense of Opportunity: continuous search for new markets and ventures that allow us to continue creating value.

    • Professionalization: Encourage the personal and professional development of our people, favor the incorporation of young professionals and continuous training.

    • Adaptation to change: Encourage our employees to generate new ideas and actions that allow us to adapt to changes in the environment, see an opportunity in crises.

    • Customer orientation: Work together with the client, and not for the client, responding to their needs efficiently, in the search to exceed their expectations.

    • Integration: Consider our suppliers as strategic partners, in order to provide comprehensive solutions to our customers.

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