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Corporate social responsibility

Latinoamericana de Energía is a company deeply committed to its people and the community.
That is why it has developed a rigorous Social Responsibility policy that establishes the framework in which all its activity takes place. In this way, the following action guidelines were established:

Young Engineers Programs

Within the framework of the policy of continuous improvement for the incorporation of qualified human resources in its different operations, Latinoamericana de Energía maintains the Young Professionals Program in force.

This program allows young engineers from Petroleum, Chemical and Electromechanical Engineering careers to gain work experience in the energy field, through a Mentoring system with prominent company personnel.

Once the training period is over, the young professionals who have stood out for their attitude towards the mandate of continuous improvement, with a performance in accordance with the standards of efficiency, Quality, Safety and Environment, will enter the permanent plant of the organization.

This program allows Young Professionals from the communities where Latinoamericana de Energía operates, to connect with the world of work and develop their potential, having access to modern technology processes, carried out under demanding international standards.

In turn, the initiative adds value to local communities through the articulation of active integration policies between the University and the companies.

Programas de Jóvenes Ingenieros

  • Respect all human rights, and especially those whose violation degrades all workers, rejecting child labor and forced or compulsory labor.
      Promote in all employees a greater degree of solidarity, responsibility and social participation. Respect for its employees equal opportunities and treatment, their privacy and their freedom of opinion.

  • Guarantee a safe and healthy work environment, in addition to the necessary training, job stability and fair pay, as well as avoiding forms of psychological persecution.
    Ensure the motivation and involvement of human resources in the continuous improvement of the company.

  • Offer its clients a quality service within the agreed period. Advise them so that their work environment is safe and healthy. Protect due confidentiality and respect the privacy of your data. Adopt an attitude of honesty and have procedures for handling suggestions and complaints.

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